Add “Open with Notepad” in Right Click Menu

Right-click menu in Windows 10 is a small list of options that appear when you right-click anywhere in Windows 10. Adding Open with Notepad to the right-click Windows 10 will be the same as the options that appear depending. whether you right-click a file, folder or empty space. But with some registry tweaks, you can expand options in the right-click menu, such as adding Open with Notepad to windows 10 right mouse with Notepad option.

Although the process is safe if you follow the instructions, you should still back up the registry first in case you slip along the way.

Open Registry Editor by pressing the Start key and typing “regedit“. In Registry Editor, navigate to:


In the shell’s directory, right-click and create a new key called “Open with Notepad”. Then, in it, create a key named “Command

In the Command key folder, double-click (Default). In the Value box, typing “notepad.exe %1

Now close Registry Editor, right-click on your desktop and you’ll see Open with Notepad appear right in the context menu whenever you right-click on the file.


Author: otomi