How to determine usage and delete names in Excel formulas

Defining and using names in Formulas in Excel can make the data easier to understand and understand. In addition, it also serves as a more efficient way to manage the various processes you create in your worksheet. So in the following article, we will help you define and use names in Excel formulas.

Define and use names in Excel formulas

You can define names for a range of cells, functions, constants, or tables, and once you get used to the technique, you can easily update, audit, or manage these names. For this you need to first:

  • Name a cell
  • Use the Create from selection option

This approach is useful if you want to reference it in another formula or spreadsheet.

1/ Name a cell

Let us say we want to generate a report on tax rates for different states. Launch Excel and open a blank sheet of paper. Name the table as shown in the figure and enter the values corresponding to the name.

Next, to define a name for a cell, select it. Then, in the name box (adjacent to the left of the formula bar), type the name and press Enter.

Now that the cell is named, you can use it as a reference in the formula. For example, select a cell, set the = sign and the name you gave that cell and press enter. You will notice that data from the cell will appear there, replacing the name.

2/ Use Name in a formula

You can also let Excel name a range or table cell for you.

For this, select the table cells you want to name.

Next, go to the Formula tab and select Create from selection

In the ‘Create from selection‘ dialog box select the position of any label in the selected panel and press the ‘OK button.

Naming a range makes it easy to reference cells even on another worksheet.

Wherever you are in your worksheet, select a cell, type “=” followed by any formula you want to use followed by the name you define for the cell. Once there, you will see the results displayed in the cell.

How to delete defined names in Excel

To delete names in Excel:

Open the Formulas tab, in the Defined Names group

Select Name Manager

Next, click on the name you want to remove

Click Delete> OK.


Author: otomi