Speed up 20% internet

Why can you increase Internet speed by 20% without using software? This is the reason and detailed network acceleration instructions, please refer to.

In versions of Windows operating systems, Microsoft always reserves 20% of the total bandwidth of the system to use for other purposes such as Windows Update and control the user’s computer. But you can completely remove this mode and use the full bandwidth to increase the speed of the internet connection.

It is generally not recommended for users to disable this feature, but in case your Internet connection is too slow and you do not use the Windows Update service, you can do this to free up bandwidth easily. Follow the instructions below (applies to all Windows versions).

Press Windows + R to open the command prompt Run

And then, typing “gpedit.msc

In the window Local Group Policy Editor, locate the QOS Packet Scheduler in the following direction:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QOS Packet Scheduler

Double-click Limit Reservable Bandwidth to appear a new window.

By default, this mode is set to Not configured but in fact Windows still retains 20% of the total amount of bandwidth, you can modify this setting by selecting Enable, at Options > Bandwidth limit (%) you set to 0.

Click Apply then OK and restart your PC to save the changes.

This way your system will be using 100% bandwidth to connect to the internet.

Try it out. Good luck!

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